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Duration: 8 hour

Session count: 8 Session

Tuition: 15 $

Content and topics

 This course consists of 4 terms and educational topics of each term are described separately below:

Term 1:

  1. Chess history, getting familiar with chess board and chessmen, concept of File, rank and diagonal, squares, center and margin of chessboard
  2. Name of pieces and their initial places on the chessboard
  3. How to move rooks, how to move bishops
  4. How to move pawn
  5. How to move queen and king
  6. How to move knight
  7. How to capture the opponents pieces
  8. How to check

Term 2:

  1. How to check specially by pawn
  2. Getting king out of check(moving, blocking and capturing) 
  3. How to checkmate
  4. Mate patterns in 1(back rank mate)
  5. Mate pattern in 2(mate by two pieces)
  6. Mate pattern in 1 by queen
  7. Mate pattern in 1( smothered mate)
  8. Practicing all of mate patterns mentioned above

Term 3:

  1. Threat, attack
  2. Defense considering opponents moves
  3. How to castle (rules)
  4. Castling and how to prevent the opponents castling
  5. Draw By Insufficient Material
  6. Stalemate
  7. Perpetual check to draw a game and offering draw

Term 4:

  1. Pawn promotion( rules and mate patterns )
  2. Pawn promotion(mate patterns )
  3. En passant ( rules and simple examples)
  4. En passant(good and bad examples)
  5. Exchange(good and bad exchange)
  6. Exchange (how to exchange the opponents dangerous piece)
  7. Exchange to make doubled pawns
  8. Exchange to destroy the opponents defense


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