Low Upper-Intermediate

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Low Upper-Intermediate

Duration: 8 hour

Session count: 8 Session

Tuition: 30 $

Content and topics

​​​​​​​ This course consists of 3 terms and educational topics of each term are described separately below:

Term 30:

  1. Austrian opening2 with simple variants, traps and plans (12 moves)
  2. Roy lupez  closed opening with simple variants, traps and plans (12 moves)
  3. Roy lopez open opening opening with simple variants, traps and plans (12 moves)
  4. Practicing openings English, Austrian lopez
  5. Winning games by calculating forcing moves (3 to 6 moves)
  6. Studying games(1200-1400) to find their problems
  7. Bishop versus knight in middle game(in position of good knight and bishop)
  8. Opposite bishops in middle games

Term 31:

  1. What to do with the bad pieces (exchange and Maneuvering the bad piece to make the position better)
  2. Concept of counter attack (positional and tactical examples)
  3. Position evaluation
  4. Strategies of open lines to attack the king
  5. Strategies of open lines to use different ideas
  6. Outpost strategy while using open lines
  7. How to attack the open files1
  8. How to attack the open files2

Term 32:

  1. The powerful central pawn
  2. How to attack opponents  pawn center
  3. Center made by Pawn, bishop and knight
  4. Pawn center
  5. Open center
  6. Closed center
  7. Static center
  8. Dynamic center


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