High Upper-Intermediate

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High Upper-Intermediate

Duration: 8 hour

Session count: 8 Session

Tuition: 33 $

Content and topics

​​​​​​​ This course consists of 3 terms and educational topics of each term are described separately below:

Term 33:

  1. Two Bishop advantage in middle game
  2. Two bishop advantage in endgame
  3. Studying theme and motif tactics (3 to 6 moves)
  4. Studying games(1400-1600) to find their problems
  5. Weakness in pawn structures
  6. Strategy for weak squares
  7. Double pawns (pros and cons)
  8. Isolated pawns in open files ( strategy when our opponents/ we have such pawns)

Term 34:

  1. Backward pawn
  2. Queen versus  two rooks in middle game and endgames
  3. Queen versus rook and one minor piece( bishop or knight) in middle game and endgames
  4. Queen versus 3 minor pieces in middle game and endgames
  5. Two rooks versus 3 minor pieces in middle game and endgames
  6. Rook versus two minor pieces in middle game and endgames
  7. One Minor piece versus three pawns in middle game and endgames
  8. Practicing and review the item mentioned above

Term 35:

  1. Endgame with passed pawns
  2. Endgames with blocked pawns
  3. Pawn breakthroughs in endgames
  4. Practicing endgames
  5. Tempo in  pawn endgames
  6. Active king in endgame
  7. Changing  our  endgames to winning  pawn endgames
  8. Practicing changing into endgame


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