By February 2014, Mr. Ali Dehghani, on the basis of his excellent experience and his great interest in chess, established PMChess with the aim of broadening chess knowledge and creating a suitable environment in which students can engage in this useful sport.

By 2018, he had recruited and trained 1,000+ students in this field, many of whom had achieved excellent rankings in competitions.

By 2019, he decided to develop his chess school by forming a strong chess team consisting of great chess masters, experienced and knowledgeable people in this field, and professionals in the field of information technology, in order to attract more students to this field. Practice and take a bigger step in the development of this useful sport.

By 2020, he shared the idea of establishing an online chess school with his team. which was very well received, and the PMChess, online chess training and coaching center was born with the aim of teaching chess to students all over the world, and now he has the honor of hosting 2000+ chess students in different age groups.